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Yongnuo Lithium Battery Speed Light YN860Li-Kit

Yongnuo Lithium Battery Speed Light YN860Li-Kit

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 Key Specifications/Special Features:

YN860Li Lithium Speedlite
*Adapts Lithium battery power supply design, ultra-fast charging recycle system
Equipped with 1800mAh Lithium battery, recycle time is only 1.5s, flash firing times of full output is over 700
*Supports radio transmission master control, realizes 6-group flash control function easily
As a master unit, YN860Li is equipped with 6-group flash control function, which supports remote control of flash mode, flash output, focal length, stroboscopic times and stroboscopic frequency of YN860Li/YN560III/YN560IV/YN660/YN968N
*Supports radio transmission slave function:
As slave unit, YN860Li can receive the control and trigger signal from YN860Li/YN560IV/YN660/
YN560-TX (II)/RF603 (II)/RF605/RF-602 and realizes M/multi-flash
*High guide number
Gn60 at ISO 100, 200mm, supports manual and multi flash
*Supports lamp head electric zoom function
Supports manual zoom, you can set flash coverage in the range of 24-200mm
*Supports USB firmware upgrade:
Equipped USB interface, supports firmware upgrade, visit Yongnuo official website to download firmware upgrade package to upgrade the flash
* Supports S1, S2 pre-flash avoidance trigger mode
* Supports auto-save setting, custom functions setting (C/Fn)
* Equipped with LCD screen, standard PC port, sound prompt system