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YONGNUO i-TTL Speedlite YN685N

YONGNUO i-TTL Speedlite YN685N

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YONGNUO i-TTL Speedlite YN685

622N/603 Dual Wireless System

----YONGNUO i-TTL Speedlite YN685

【Wireless System】Fully Compatible with YN622N and RF603 Wireless Flash System

One YN685 can receive the wireless triggering signal from YN622N, YN622N II, YN622N-TX, YN660, YN560IV, YN560-TX, RF605, RF603II and RF603 respectively.

【Remote Control】Supports Remote Control the Parameters of Each Flash Group

When YN685 used as slave unit, it supports remote control of the flash mode, flash output and focal length of each flash group through YN622N series transceiver or YN660/YN560IV/YN560-TX.

【Extended Display】Used as YN622N II control panel and LCD panel

The YN685 can be set to 622 Ext.LCD trigger mode and then installed on the YN622N II acting as the control panel and LCD panel, makes the operation of the trigger more convenient. 

【HSS】Supports High-speed Synchronization

When the HSS function is enabled, this speedlite can be used at all shutter speed,the maximum sync speed can reach 1/8000s.Note: The function need the support by the camera and transceiver.

【High Guide Number】GN60@ISO100,200mm

The YN685 is 2.4GHz wireless high guide number speedlite, supports TTL、M、Multi mode. 

【Theme】Two display themes are designed for YN685

YN685 supports numeric theme and classic theme , you can choose the one that is suitable for you.

【Charging Recycle】Ultra-fast Charging Recycle System, Supports External Power Supply

It just take about 2 seconds at full output. Even if not use the brand new batteries, it just takes 3~5 seconds ultra-fast time to recycle; Besides, you can also use the external power supply to meet your higher requirement.

【Zooming】 Supports Auto and Manual Zooming

Supports auto and manual zooming, the flash coverage can be changed between 20~200mm.

【Sound Prompt】 Specific Sound Prompt System

When the sound prompt system is enabled, the speedlite can prompt its working condition, allows you to focus on creative process. Note: the sound prompt can be turned on/off. 

Supports Custom Settings (Fn.) and Auto Save Settings 

Equipped with LCD display screen and standard PC sync interface  

Software& Firmware Update Guide:

Firmware v1.3.4: