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YONGNUO speedlite transmitter YN560-TX PRO S

YONGNUO speedlite transmitter YN560-TX PRO S

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 YONGNUO speedlite transmitter YN560-TX PRO S

YONGNUO wireless speedlite transmitter YN560-TX PRO S can control and trigger the YN200, it allows the controlled unit to achieve TTL/M/Multi flash, high-speed sync and other functions.
It can control speedlites such as YN560III/IV, and flash triggers such as RF603/RF605 to achieve M/Multi mode flash.

Supports ETTL/M/Multi/GR 4 flash modes.
Supports A/B/C/D/E 5 flash groups
Supports high-speed sync.
Supports TTL light ratio, exposure compensation, exposure lock and other functions.
Supports remote setting of the focal length of slave flashes (only for compatible YONGNUO speedlites )
The longest communication distance is more than 100M.
Firmware can be upgraded via USB port.
High resolution dot-matrix LCD, backlight for buttons.
Fast lock mechanism
With custom function, set auto save function
Convenient visual operation

Operational control on compatible cameras.
The operation interface of the flash can be displayed directly from a compatible camera monitor, allowing easy adjustment of flash compensation, brightness ratio and other detailed flash parameters.
In addition, it can also support assigning camera custom keys to call up the flash parameter display, which is convenient for you to adjust when holding the camera and shooting with the viewfinder. The flash parameters can be displayed in Chinese.

Compatible Camera List:
Alpha 7R lV Ver.1.1 and above
Alpha 7R lll Ver.3.1 and above
Alpha 7 lll Ver.3.1 and above
Alpha 7S lll/Alpha 7C
(As of September,2020)

Receiver (Speedlite)
Grouping function
TTL flash
Manual flash
Remote Setting of focal length 
Not support
Support (output can be set through YN560-TX PRO)
Grouping is not supported (all groups flash)
Support (output needs to be set on flash)