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YONGNUO Macro Ring Flash YN24EX for Sony

YONGNUO Macro Ring Flash YN24EX for Sony

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 Supports ETTL Flash 

Supports FEC, FEB, Front and Rear-curtain sync, FE lock, Modeling Light, Sony camera menu accessible.

Supports flash ratio adjustment,there are 8 levels(1/128-1/1) for the intensity adjustment for the flash control,total 22 levels fine tuning; the tube A and tube B can flash individually,the flash index is wider and the more practical. 

The Flash tube installation 

Install the tube on the top of the flash 

Install the adapter ring on the front of the lens,then install the flash tube on the adapter ring. 

The flash coverage 

vertical angle:Upwards,downwards 90 degrees 

 horizontal angle:inwards 60 degrees,outwards 30 degrees 

The rotate degree of the adapter ring: upwards 50 degrees, downwards 30 degrees 

The flash tube can be installed on the tripod for use. 

Ultra-fast Charging Recycle System

It just take 3 seconds at full output. Even if not using the brand new batteries, it just takes 4~5 seconds to recycle;

C.Fn Setting Custom Function 

You can customize the function as needed through the custom function. 

LED focus assist light 

The LED focus assist light is divided into low light and highlight mode,achieve rapid precise focus. 

Equipped with PC sync interface 

The YN24EX is equipped with standard PC synchronous interface which allows you convenient to use synchronous flash by using PC synchronous line.

Supports the lens of multiple filter size 

Supports the lens of the following filter size : 49mm、52mm、58mm、62mm、67mm、72mm.

Low battery remind function

When the battery power is insufficient,the red light will blink which remind you to replace the battery timely.

Sound prompt system 

When the sound prompt system is enabled, different sound modes will prompt different working conditions of the speedlite so as to allow you to focus on shooting process (Note: the sound can be turned off).

Equipped with the external power socket 

YN-24EX is provided with external power socket to meet your higher demand of recycling time and no longer missing the wonderful moments. 

Automatic settings saving 

YN-24EX can automatically save your current operating settings to convenient your next use.