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YONGNUO YN685EX-RF Flash speedlite for Sony

YONGNUO YN685EX-RF Flash speedlite for Sony

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Integrated transceiver and receiver, compatible with YONGNUO RF radio trigger system (RF602/603)

During radio transmission flashing shooting,this product can be used as a master unit or slave unit.It is fully compatible with RF radio triggering signals from YN650EX-RF / YN685EX-RF / YN320EX / YN685(II) / YN720 / YN560 IV / YN660 / YN560 III / YN560-TX (pro) / RF603 / RF602 / YN32-TX. And it also contains 16 transmission channels and 10000 wireless radio ID, making it easy for multi-flash lighting.

Supports Multi-group Flashes Independent Control

When used as a radio master unit, the product is able to control 5 independent groups, realizing remote control of flash mode, flash output and focal length for YN650EX-RF / YN685EX-RF / YN320EX / YN685(II) / YN720 / YN560 IV / YN660 / YN560 III.

Supports Optical Transmission Wireless Slave Flash

In optical transmission wireless flashing shooting, YN685EX-RF can be set as slave unit to receive optical transmission wireless triggering signals from YN320EX and from Sony flashes such as HVL-F32M, HVL-F60RM, HVL-F60M, performing off-camera TTL mode flashing.

High GN; Supports TTL, M and Multi Mode, High-speed Synchronization Flash

GN60@ISO100, 200mm,supports TTL, M, Multi flash,with high-speed synchronization function, all shutters are available for shooting, the maximum shutter synchronization speed is up to 1/8000s.

Firmware Update

The product is equipped with a USB port, you can download the latest firmware from YONGNUO official website to upgrade the product.

Super-speed Recycle System; Supports external battery pack

The flash recycle with full output only needs 2s to perform. Even if the battery is not brand new, it only takes 3-4s to perform the fast flash recycle. With the use of external battery pack, higher recycle needs can be met.

Real-time Display of Power Consumption

With real-time display of battery power, it's easy to know the power consumption.

Electric Zoom

Equipped with auto zoom and manual zoom, the flash coverage can be set in the range of 20 to 200mm, so that the fill light is more uniform and effective.

Sound prompt, Custom Function and Autosave Function

LCD Display Screen and Standard PC Synchronous Interface Equipped