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 YN128 II is an updated version of portable beautify LED light, which we specially design and develop for video and selfie.Brand new supports mobile phone APP remote control the fill light angle.Adopts mobile phone charger, mobile power supply and computer USB interface three powerful power supplies to meet the demand of the use of all kinds of scenarios.Combined with the flexible pipe holder with optional adjustment of the light angle to easily grasp each perfect angle.Equipped with professional makeup mirror, allows you to use it with high proficiency.

Ø Professional charming artifact 

The light effect is the key role for video live and beauty selfie! Yongnuo YN128II LED beauty supplement light, LED light source design,soft and delicate light effect;

TLCI and color index are all over 95, allows the skin appear natural and white;Present the stereo feeling of the face, makes the video and image quality more exquisite and perfect.

Ø Professional “cosmetic mirror”

YN128 II is integrated with the cosmetic mirror to meet the visual fill light demand when applying makeup, so as to easily realize your beautiful makeup.

Ø Full degree of supplementary lighting

Adopts the flexible pipe holder with optional adjustment of the light angle, the omni-directional light complement,which brings you just right complementary light angle.

Ø Ring design

Use the diameter of 27.5 cm circular blue light filter, easy to make a charming eye light, fine carving your eyes, make them look more beautiful.

Ø Wide-angle light source design.

Adopts 128 patches of LED, the luminous angle is up to 110 degrees, and with high index display, low energy consumption and high brightness provide sufficient and balanced natural light for photography, presents the effect of no shadow aperture effect. 

Ø Remote control

Through the mobile APP to control the LED camera light,allows you to control the LED camera light as you wish, and can easily complete the photography needs,simple and convenient.

Ø Adopts micro USB power supply mode

Support mobile phone charger, mobile power supply, computer USB3.0 interface power supply.

Ø Adopts YONGNUO proprietary LED driving technology, its power output is stable and photographic effect is more reliable.Corrugation and stroboscopic flash can be effectively avoided. 

Ø Provides a connecting tripod interface,which is convenient for you to use on different kinds of occasions. Combined the solid pedestal is convenient for you to use on the desktop and other platforms.





Light source: 128pcs of SMD LED

Color temperature: 3200K~5500K  

Lighting angle: 110。 

Lumen: 1024LM      

Output Power: 7.6W

Life expectancy: 50000h 

Weight: 1016g

Volume: 285*276*60mm

CRI: Greater or equal to 95

External power supply: mobile phone charger, mobile power supply or computer USB interface