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YONGNUO YN600Air LED Video Light 5500K/3200K~5500K_LED Light_Flash-Lens-LED Light-Flash Trigger-TTL Remote Cord-Wireless Shutter Release-Flash Equipment - YONGNUO photographic equipment Co., Ltd
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YONGNUO YN600Air LED Video Light 5500K/3200K~5500K

YONGNUO YN600Air LED Video Light 5500K/3200K~5500K

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YN600Air has a slim and light design, and it adopts large luminous LED light panel, which suits for greater need of light-fillling. YN600Air perfectly substitutes professional soft light panel for the traditional heavy and bulky soft light box. YN600Air is 50% thiner and 10% lighter than YN600 II. The panel area of YN600Air is 1.5 times greater than YN600 II; its illuminous angel is twice than YN600 II. YN600Air supports find/coarse tune, electric quantity test, etc.  
New Appearance
YN600Air adopts ultrathin appearance design; its thickness is 22mm. Duple encoder, more convenient to adjust the light intensity; dual LED display screen, more intuitional to check the output; one-button switch, meets different needs. 
Dual Master Control 
3200K color temperature and 5500K color temperature separately adopt individual modular circuit, which makes the light output more stable and efficient. 3200K color temperature and 5500K color temperature can be controlled individually.
Ultra-large Panel Area 
YN600 Air is designed with panel of ultra-large area. With SMD LED of high-intensity and ultra-wide angle, YN600 Air is more suitable for light filling in the big occassion. 
Color Rendering Index
YN600Air adopts 192pcs of SMD LEDs; its RA average value is greater than 95, which makes it close to natural light. With professional light panel, the light filling result is more than perfect.  
YN600 Air adopts two new encoder. The adjustable brightness is much lighter and smoother. YN600 Air is divided into coarse tune and fine tune. The adjustable luminosity is accurate and reliable. 
Power Supply Mode
1.YN600 Air supports batteries of NP-F series. When YN600 Air is used outdoors, it’s recommended to use it with NP-F750 lithium batteries to get better camera shooting experience. 
2.YN600 Air supports long-hour use with external DC main of 8V 5A. Adaptable voltage: 8V 5A (Please DO NOT use laptop power supply. 
On the LED digital display screen of YN600 Air, the display effect is more steroscopic and the parameter of the power output is more intuitional. 
YN600 Air adopts YONGNUO proprietary LED constant current driving technology which does great help to effectively avoid corrugation and stroboscopic flash.
YN600 Air is equipped with YONGNUO LED light special handle. It’s firm and practical. 
YN600 Air provide two types for your selection. White-color: 192pcs of 5500K SMD LEDs; Bi-color: 96pcs of 3200K SMD LEDs and 96pcs of 5500K SMD LEDs.
Product Specification
Light Source: 192pcs of SMD LEDs     
Luminance Angle: 110。
Color Temperature: 3200K-5500K       
Lumen: 4000LM
Output Power: 40W         
Average Service Life: 50000h
Weight: 1084g           
Dimension: 335*255*55mm
Compatible Batteries: 2pcs of NP-F series lithium batteries 
Color Rendering Index: ≥95 

External Power Source: 8V 5A AC power supply