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YONGNUO Pro LED Video Light YN300 Air

YONGNUO Pro LED Video Light YN300 Air

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 YN300Air is the first SMD LED video light of YONGNUO. Compared with YN300 III, thickness of YN300Air is 40% decreased and weight 30% reduce, at the meanwhile, YN300Air is twice the luminance angle of YN300III and added with SET function. YN300Air is an ultra-thin and portable LED video light. 

New Appearance
The thickness of YN300 Air is 22mm only and weigh 360g. It can be hand-hold use, which is suitable for outdoors shooting. 
Ultra-large Luminance Angle
The luminance angle of YN300 Air is maximal compared with the other LED video lights of YONGNUO. Its luminance angle is 110º and light-filling width is twice increased. 
Color Rendering Index
YN300 Air adopts 48pcs of 3200K SMD LEDs and 48pcs of 5500K SMD LEDs. The average value of color rendering index is greater than 95. The light from YN300 Air is close to natural light and its light-filling effect is much perfect. 
SET function newly added helps you to save the frequently-used color temperature effect. It’s convenient for you to use it next time. 
YN300 Air adopts encoder to adjust the light brightness. There are coarse tune and fine tune. The adjustable luminosity is accurate and reliable. 
Power Supply Mode
1.YN300 Air supports batteries of NP-F series. When YN600 Air is used outdoors, it’s recommended to use it with NP-F750 lithium batteries to get better camera shooting experience.
2.YN300 Air supports long-hour use with external DC main of 8V 5A. Adaptable voltage: 8V 5A (Please DO NOT use laptop power supply. 
On the LED digital display screen of YN300 Air, the display effect is more steroscopic and the parameter of the power output is more intuitional. 
YN300 Air adopts YONGNUO proprietary LED constant current driving technology which does great help to effectively avoid corrugation and stroboscopic flash. 
YN300 Air is equipped with YONGNUO LED light special handle. It’s firm and practical.